Sacred way

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Sipping the morning bica (pt coffee) we are gazing at the meeting point desk which stands still without a sign if we are right, waiting for the booked car. I take a walk around when the old guy stops me asking: "What company? What company?" and immediately dialling. So in a minute we are standing in front of the Porto airport entrance and in the tripping mood waving to the car to pick us up. So with Portuguese 15 min delay we hop into our three-days-car, scroll the map looking for the destination: adventure.


As we passed the border, we were expecting little differences but the scenery was more or less the same so we get bit disappointed and commenting that we own a Like to our Portugal. Finally, something has change, stopping at gasolina (es gas station), the gas was nicely cheaper than in Portugal, so we celebrated with bubbles of cola to hold on the rest of the highway. And there we stopped to picture a little pre-Santiago church, trying to find the touristic information: without success - caused of siesta time. Being hungry seems like the 20 km to reach Santiago de Compostela is eternity. But we took it as a necessary feeling of pilgrims. After we finally reached the sacred town, took nice paella in antique restaurant we were able to enjoy the spectacular cathedral of Saint James. There, everything is accessible, so you can enjoy a view even as a priest. Being so close to touch all the sumptuousness I got a feeling that is just too much for an ordinary tourist but I did not say no when the green light of ENTRANCE said we may come through. La Puerta Santa is "open" to all the pilgrims to be discovered and admired. My travel and catholic dream just came true standing there and listening to the Spanish guide, even though I got a bit scared by the God´s triangle eye and the hugest angels bearing the altar, I have ever seen.

Before coming to Spain, they have warned us the strike will be on and so there it is at the Obradorio square we met the Spaniards with drums, megaphones and posters against the government. Calmly striking against the political manipulations, they did not set a fire in us, so we rather moved to the oldest and very first hotel called Hostal de los Reyes. Rated with 5 stars it is the most luxury place where to stay, once you are coming in your Ferrari or cabriole to see Galicia´s treasure. Suddenly we heard the bagpipe, so we came closer, wondering how come the Scottish national instrument is to be heard under the arch in Santiago. History and our friend clear everything: the Celtics predecessors strongly influenced Galicia. Crossing the nice old town of Santiago with all the churches, squares, university buildings, bagpipe guy, strikers, we stopped for a seat in its gardens and sympathise with the spirit of the town.


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